Digicam Pattern Digicam is short for “digital camo”, and is a type of camo patern consisting of pixellated blotches of color (typically green or brown).

Digicam evolved from traditional camo, and its purpose is the same, to camouflage the wearer by blending them into their surroundings.

The theory behind digital camo is that rather than having larger the macro patterns and color swatches of traditional camo, which create sharp outlines which can easily be identified, digicam uses smaller micro patterns consisting of pixelated blocks, which makes it even harder to make out than regular camo.

Today, digicam is used by the majority of the major militaries in the world, and has made it into the world of fashion as well. Like traditional camo, digicam has strong military associations, and is worn by those who want to convey that association.

Digicam Shirt
A digital camo shirt
Digicam Hat
A hat incorporating the digicam pattern

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