• Deus Ex Machina

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The literal translation from Latin is “god out of a machine.” This refers to an improbable character, device, or event that propels a situation or otherwise spices up the plot.

    Full Definition:

    In the game of seduction, deus ex machina can be used to soften ASD, social pressure, and social conditioning. Even in today’s world, promiscuous behavior from women is considered undesirable. As such, romantic encounters most often involve women inventing reasons and rationalizations as to why her behavior was so promiscuous on a particular night.

    Some examples include: “We ran out of gas on the way to LA, and, you know, we were at this beautiful hotel for hours. The moon was so beautiful that night…” or “We were walking home, and it started to rain. He took me back to his place, and, as we were changing into dry clothes, things just started happening. Before I knew it, I was naked in his bed”

    Initiating Deus Ex Machina requires spontaneity and creativity on the part of the artist. Sometimes these events are well planned ahead of time, and sometimes they are purely from the ingenuous creativity of the artist in the moment. Mastering this skill is key to full closing girls with a higher level of social conditioning and ASD.


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