• Desire System Review

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    DESIRE system review


    So I got a copy of “Desire” and “Lust” from the Social Man team. They are the distributors for David Tian’s new product.

    I skimmed through all of the modules and paid close attention to his opening technique in “Lust – Part 2”. It was pretty weak compared to RSD’s hotseat, which I just out of.

    What David is good at is organizing existing information and then presenting it again to his students. But overall, I found his demonstrations pretty weak.

    desire system pua UI 1

    As I dive deeper and deeper into his seminars I realized that he is different in a few ways:

    1. He advocates being honest in your interactions
    2. He notes that it is ok to show vulnerability when opening and in-set
    3. He uses a lot of scientific research and modules to illustrate how a conversation should go

    Most of the students in Singapore of from an Asian/Confucian culture, and therefore the way he teaches game may be useful to them there.

    You can grab a copy of the Desire and Lust system here.

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