Dark Denim Denim is a rugged cotton twill textile, most commonly found in blue jeans.

Denim originated in France, and has been in usage in America since the late 18th century. Thanks to its association with cowboys and the Old American West, denim, and jeans in particular, have grown in popularity worldwide.

Jeans are one of the staple pieces in any man’s wardrobe, so it makes sense for every guy to own some form of denim. Jeans are very versatile because they can be worn casually, or even as semi-formal attire (for darker washes) and can be worn with pretty much anything.

Cowboy Jeans
Traditional cowboy jeans
Navy Blazer Jeans
Dark jeans paired with a blazer
Shades of Denim
Different shades of denim

Slightly less common are denim jackets, which were popular back in the ’80s, but are seeing a small resurgence. The one thing to remember with denim jackets is to try not to wear them with jeans of the same color, or the outfit can look whack.

Denim Jacket
The denim jacket

Other clothing items come in denim as well, but remember not to go too crazy with denim, or the whole outfit can end up looking tacky.

Denim Cowboy Hat
A faded denim cowboy hat
Denim Shawl Scarf
A denim shawl scarf
Denim Shoe
A retro denim shoe

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