Delusional Sense of Coolness

Quick Definition: A sense of self-confidence about one’s “coolness” factor beyond that of reality.

Full Definition:

This term originally comes from the Flawless Natural method by Tim of RSD. Tim advocates a more natural, positive vibe style that seems to work particularly well with his fun characteristic style. The idea of delusional sense of coolness is that, usually, it allows other people to give you the benefit of the doubt and do stuff that you wouldn’t do. Most of the time, people are insecure, and thus this delusional sense can actually give you confidence and approach.

The drawback is that, sometimes, the guy does not have what it takes to be that cool. and some negative reactions may result from some people. Nonetheless, the frame itself can allow the PUA to foster a positive mindset, despite other people not thinking so.


He almost embodies this delusional sense of coolness that allows him to do things other people don’t think is possible.

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Source: Tim Marc, RSD

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