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    Quick Definition: The way in which someone says something which includes gestures, tonality, eye contact, words, and overall energy and aura.

    Full Definition:

    AKA Delivery of lines (acting) are ways an actor can say the same words of a script. Mystery has a game where you say something, and he will say the exact same words with more emotion and more emphasis. Delivery is key in creating attraction and making an impact.

    delivery on stage acting

    Good actors have to possess great line delivery

    Without it, we are just monotone and just words. As such, it is extremely important to practice one’s delivery not only in pick up, but in our jobs and everyday lives.

    Example of bad line delivery by Kristen Stewart:


    It doesn’t matter how you say, it’s how you say it. Delivery is key.

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    Source: Mystery, Lovedrop

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