Default Facial Expression

Quick Definition: The conveyance or non-conveyance of our face when we are in a normal state of energy and being.

Full Definition:

Matt Hussey addresses the idea of everyone’s “default facial expression.” Some people have what people usually call a “friendly face.” But what exactly makes them friendly? It is the slight hint of a smile. If you practice having a positive default facial expression, people respond more positively towards strangers who smile.

Also, in pickup, guys often start “fake-smiling” as they walk up to approach a girl. As such, the approach appears contrived and forced. Having a friendly default makes you look like a guy who is always smiling, and not the creepy guy who lets out a chilling smile every time he sees as “hot chick.”

The best way is to smile genuinely when you first say hello, then go back to default and react according to the conversation, in a genuine way.

Being aware of your default facial expression is the first step to changing it into a congruent face that is always there to greet others and help you achieve your desires based on how people perceive you.

An engineer’s boring expression:

bored asian kid

A smile hiding behind his face for a regular looking guy:

mum expression

Models are really good at conveying feelings on a “blank face”:

plastik star


Your default facial expression conveys no emotions at all.

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Source: Matt Hussey

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