• Deep Identity Level Change

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A permanent change in a person’s core beliefs or core characteristic, which can happen very quickly, but is usually the result of a buildup over a longer period of her time.

    Full Definition:

    A true change in a person’s core beliefs. This is permanent, and it changes the person forever. Identity level changes usually involve a high degree of emotion and, sometimes, stress. They usually occur after trying or achieving something out of one’s comfort zone.

    This term is hard to explain, but Tyler tries in Blueprint by describing it as a “fundamental shift in one’s belief and the way they perceive reality.” Unlike an opinion or suggestion, this is a permanent and long lasting shift in one’s perception. An example of a deep identity level change is when a PUA sleeps with a girl who he considers a “10” and then dates her. He realizes that she is actually a nerdy kid who learned how to dress up and use makeup. Or maybe she is a white girl and you are Asian guy. After sleeping with her, you realize that white girls are not that different, and you have a deep level identity shift. Maybe this won’t happen on the first girl, but after 10 girls, you realize that race has nothing to do with game.


    Carlo had a deep identity level change while he was out in Texas

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