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  • Decreasing Text Game

    By on April 28, 2010

    DTG (decreasing text game):In order to get an HB out for a first date or day 1, you throw out there three different date ideas without actually asking her out:Starting from the coolest one, ending with the lamest in order to communicate your loss of interest.

    Ex. Fake1: i know the tightes sushi place ever, it has this huge waterfall inside and table made out of some big marble blocks, they dont have dishes, you eat right off the cold stone…go there with a friend and check it out!

    Fake2: i found out about this chinese art gallery, should be a lotta fun..here’s the address, go and tell me if its worthy! Request: i need a new shirt, coming help me out? By describing great date ideas she will know you’re a very fun guy, by not asking her out for 2 times you will increase her willingness to accept and by lowering the date standards you will ensure yourself a “yes” when you actually ask her out for something simple.

    Credit Seven

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    • Richard

      Slowly communicating loss of interest. Sounds interesting. It shows that you are not a man who is of low value who will try and win her approval.

    • Marc

      i used to do this kind of stuff a lot .. but imo it s to risky for to low reward. just this weekend i toally fucked this up .. i went from inviting her to a fancy restaurant to just “yeah well i ll be at your place in 20 minutes and we can watch tv and have a drink or so”. and she just said no :D
      so i ended up just finding out where she was the next day, showed up, and just directly approached her and within 20 minutes we were making out … so this is was quite a lucky outcome but you can easily drift into begging when doing this kind of stuff and she isnt realizing the _faked_ “loosing interest” thing

    • Jeremy

      This is classic. Awesome tactic to get a girl wondering again.

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