Quick Definition: When a PUA asks a woman that he has fclosed about what made his pickup attempt successful in order to learn from the experience and improve his game. Also refers to a group discussion among PUAs at the end of a day or night of gaming.

Full Definition:

Debriefing is a practice that some pick up artists use to improve their game. Basically, debriefing involves asking a girl that a PUA closed about her experiences during the pickup, specifically what made her decide to sleep with the PUA. In the absence of a full close or girls, debriefing can take place between PUAs who have winged or observed each other’s game in the field.

Typical debriefing questions can include things like: “What was your initial impression of me?” “What was it about it that made you like me?” and “When did you know you were going to sleep with me?” The purpose of these questions is to get a woman’s perspective to find out what went well and what could be improved in the pickup.

The practice of debriefing is criticized by some PUAs as being too cheesy, and others doubt the effectiveness of a debriefs, since women are not always able to evaluate the experience of being picked up honestly. This may even lead to feedback that could end up hurting a PUA’s game. Other PUAs feel that debriefs are a useful learning tool, and use the feedback of girls they’ve been with to calibrate their game. Many newer PUAs also find debriefs very useful when coming from more experienced PUAs who have observed their game or winged them in sets.


I had a debrief with the girl I met last night, and she told me she was really attracted to my style.

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