• Wall of Death

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A row of guys standing in line with drinks to their chest, doing nothing and adding no value to the club’s energy, desperately staring at the hot girls walking by.

    Full Definition:

    The wall of death is common among AFCs, and, before becoming a PUA, many guys are not even aware of this at all. They simply think it is “normal” to go to a bar and “wish” to get lucky or that something will happen with girls. Armed with this mentality, guys don’t know how to have fun in a bar and end up being part of death row, ogling girls.

    Once you’re in death row, it is very hard to get out of it, and you are viewed as the “walking dead.” No decent looking girl will get caught talking to a guy on death row unless she wants to kill her own social status as well. Death rows tend to form around dance stages, and guys become clueless as to what they should do. Walk around or dance by yourself if you have to. The best way to get out of death row is to avoid it all together.

    A funny yet terrible clip from Average Joe 2 showing the wall of guys and what a normal death row looks like at a club:


    Dude you’re part of death row right now!

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