• Daytime Dating Review (Love Systems)

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    Review of the Love Systems Daytime Dating e-Book by Jeremy Soul:

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    Daytime Dating Table of Contents:

    The first of what I suspect to be a long line of daytime dating products is here with Jeremy Soul of Love Systems’s European operations. The formatting of the book and the illustrations are top notch, and I was excited to get my hands on a copy of it.

    The e-book starts out with a long pre-face that uses foundations built from previous game theory. You’ll get you first dose or reminder of the love systems triad model and the basic principals of meet, attract, comfort in regular gaming scenarios.

    Overall, I found this to be annoyingly long. However, it does a very good job of covering the basics for newbies. The most value I got from the e-book came down to the 2nd part of it, where Jeremy compared daytime game to other types of game and how calibration works depending on the venue.

    For example, here is a small passage on how “qualifying” the girl is different during the day:


    There are two major differences in Qualification for daytime dating compared with meeting
    women in nighttime venues.
    • Qualification often happens a lot sooner in the daytime than it does in bars and nightclubs. Because Attraction tends to be built in the daytime a lot quicker than it is in bars and nightclubs, you can move into the Qualification phase sooner. As you become more experienced with building Attraction, you may find that you move into Qualification very quickly – sometimes you can even do so immediately after Approaching if you feel that the woman is already attracted to you.
    • Qualification often runs a lot deeper in the daytime than it does in bars and nightclubs. Women in bars and clubs tend to be drinking, distracted by their friends and have multiple guys competing for their attention. These issues are mostly absent in the daytime, so you can get into real and direct conversations with women much more easily. This allows you to discover a lot of genuine things you like about a woman beyond her looks. Of course, it also runs the other way: if a woman isn’t interesting beyond her looks, it will become apparent to you very quickly.

    Overall, I liked the conversational mapping skills and also the day bridging and instant date techniques that further add tools to a player’s day game skill set. Skip to the 2nd half of the e-book if you are already and advanced or intermediate PUA. You can get a copy via PUA Lingo at a reduced price here.

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