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    David Wygant is a dating and lifestyle coach from LA with nearly 20 years of coaching experience. He was one of the first guys to offer private dating coaching for guys, and was one of the inspirations for the movie “Hitch”. He is also one of the few guys who also offers coaching to women.

    David Wygant now runs his own coaching company with a staff of coaches that offer private coaching and bootcamps, as well as a slew of dating related products.

    David Wygant Quotes

    • You’re not a loser if you try to get help in your dating life, you’re actually a winner, you’re actually someone who understands that you have to hire somebody to help you do things that you’ve never done before.
    • The magic pill doesn’t exist. If you don’t work on your inner confidence, you’ll never attract a woman, no matter what you say.
    • Women can smell a guy on the make. It’s almost like a neon sign on your face. You’re walking around, you’re sniffing her out like a horny dog– you might as well start humping a post. You need to create a lifestyle for yourself that naturally connects you with women.
    • Women want to create a story. This is how women think. They want you to walk over to them and they want you to be that guy that they can tell all their friends: “I met this guy over ice cream at whole foods” or “I met this guy in line at Starbucks”. You want to be Starbucks guy, because that’s emotionally based. They want to create a story around you. They don’t want to say you’re just the guy she met at some bar the other night.
    • Life is a prop. Look at life like a giant television set. Everything you see in front of you is a conversation. Everything.

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