David Wygant Coaching

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David Wygant is a dating coach who teaches men and women on the keys to successful dating.

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David Wygant has appeared on many mainstream media outlets as a regular dating coach without the PUA jaron.

David Wygant has an interesting relationship with the seduction community. While he advocates against using PUA lingo and “pickup lines and tactics”, he also speaks at many of the conventions as well. His dating techniques focus on a more natural and longer term development for becoming the man that you want. Some say he is the real world version of Will Smith in the movie “Hitch”.

David Wygant often coaches non PUA clients as well as female clients, as well as his regular male clients.

David Deangelo’s Man Transformation – David Wygant. P1:

David Deangelo’s Man Transformation – David Wygant. P2:

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