Dating White Girls Interview With Ryker Koh

An exclusive, behind the scenes audio interview with AlphaWolf (Vince) on his perspectives on pick up and interracial dating. Check out the audio podcast!

Interviewer: Ryker Koh
Guest: AlphaWolf (Vince Lin)
Date: June 2011
Subject: Dating White Girls, Interracial Dating, Racism in the US, Culture vs. Race and Social Conditioning

Interview with Ryker Koh: AlphaWolf Spills the Beans on Dating “White Girls”.mp3

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to get ahead on the dating game being an Asian male in the US
  • How to respond to and leverage Asian stereotypes
  • How to deal with white girls who are racist
  • Find out once and for all if there is a racial bias in inter-racial dating in the US
  • What is the difference between “culture” and “race”?
  • You’ll get the marvel comic picture reference midway through the interview :)

Checkout Ryker’s site to find out more about his interview series with top Asian dating coaches.

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