• Dating Velocity

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The speed and frequency of someone’s ability to get back into the dating pool.

    Full Definition:

    Dating velocity is different for men and women. Generally speaking, most men have a harder time getting into the dating game unless they are famous or have a well connected social circle that exists already. Male models who are outgoing sometimes get a pass on this, although there are many who are shy and are no wiser to having a high dating velocity (I have seen this in Miami) Because women are publicly judged more on their appearance, a good looking woman can move to a new city and make connections quickly. Her problem will be making good friends and determining if a guy is trying to get in her pants or be there for her.

    After a breakup, it is important to stay busy, and after the initial period of grief, start having a more healthy dating pool. For women this may simply involve going online and posting their pictures. For most men, unless he’s in college or already has a social circle, it is important to start attending social events and branching out. Cold-approach pick up is one of the channels in which a PUA in a new city can randomly meet, attract, and date a girl. However, cold approaching can take a lot of time and the element of randomness is involved in selecting a girl of high quality and good values.


    Speed dating events are a great way to know what’s out there. Source: http://scarletvulture.deviantart.com/art/Speed-Dating-with-Deadpool-255011914


    Try to increase your dating velocity to get other this girl.

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