• Dating Coach

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Professional Dating Coach

    Quick Definition: A coach that offers advice, products, and services to improve the dating lives of their clients.

    Full Definition:

    The term “dating coach” is a general description for coaches. It used to encompass guys, like Hitch, who offer general help for men and women of all ages meet and attract the opposite sex. Along came the seduction community and “PUAs,” and the lines have been blurred. Conventional methods have been proven to be largely ineffective, and now the PUAs have once again claimed the title of the real “dating coaches.”

    There are still lines between the old dating coaches and the new ones. However, increasing media coverage and the sheet amount of in-field footage of real PUAs (as opposed to traditional dating coaches) have repeatedly shown that dating coaches from the PUA community are a force to be reckoned with because their techniques have been proven over and over again in field and with their clients.

    Here is Adam Lyons on Fox:

    Adam on CTV in Canada:


    Hitch is an example of a dating coach.

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