• Dat Phan Bringing home the white girl

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    The Vietnam War ended in 1975 with the United States wondering what went through and reflecting on its own character and military strategies against the North Vietnam troops. Regardless what you think about the war, one of the effects of this conflict was an influx of Vietnamese Americans in the US today. Vietnamese being the 4th highest Asian American population.

    Dat Phan, being the comedian that won Last Comic Standing makes fun of some of these stereotypes when an Asian guy brings a white girl home to meet the family and the tribulations of dating a white girl as an Asian guy. I can tell you that these jokes are funny as hell but some of them are also true! Regardless whether you are Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, there will sure be some awkward moments at the family dinner table. (For those of you that are curious the hot blonde girl is the actress Jaime Stickle)

    Tell us what you think about his jokes in the comments below.

    Here’s a clip of Dat Phan’s satire:

    Dat Phan in Last Comic Standing 3 about the perils of dating a white girl:

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