Dance Floor Decoded Review


The book “Dance Floor Decoded” will teach you what you need to know to meet and attract the women in clubs. You will discover non-verbal techniques, tactics for physical escalation and ways to build attraction.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
– 10 non-verbal techniques for approaching any girl on the dance floor.
– How you can practically say nothing on the dance floor and still get the girl
– An easy dance move that you can do to get you meeting women
– Steps for switching from dancing to dirty dancing
– Tactics for physical escalation and building attraction
– 10 signs that she’s attracted to you
– 8 ways to get the girl off the dance floor and when to use them
– Why not knowing the venue you’re in can make or break your game.
– How to do dance floor game without wingmen.
– A simple method to get rhythm
– The 3 C’s of Neediness to avoid
– When to use verbal game
– Why small dance floors can work to your advantage
– Common dance floor game mistakes that guys make and how to avoid them
– The correct way to approach a girl from behind
– Getting to know the doorman and DJ so you can use them for social proof
– How to bypass the entry line
– Activities you can do to strengthen your game.

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