Cutting the Thread

Quick Definition: The act of ending conversational threads that are no longer useful to the artist and/or introducing a new thread for spontaneity and better conversation.

Full Definition:

In some ways, one dimension of all conversations we have as humans are about frame control. As Tyler would say, “unless you have 2 extremely enlightened individuals,” in every social interaction, one person has more power and is holding more court over the other. Taking this into account, a good artist or conversationalist is able to cut threads that are not beneficial to him or the person he is talking to. Usually these involve threads with negative energy or threads that do not aid the pickup process.

For example:

PUA: “That’s a nice name, Luciana.”
Luciana: “Thanks! My mom gave it to me.”
PUA: “Uh-huh.”
Luciana: “She was a single mom. He had me when she was 16.”
PUA: “That’s pretty amazing”
Luciana: “Yeah…I never met my dad, and he really screwed us up big time.”
PUA: “I’m sorry to hear that.”
Luciana: “When I was 5, he used to bring other women home in front of me and my mom.”
PUA: (at this point, thread cuts) “So what do you do for fun, Luciana?”

A good PUA is able to multi-thread. When multiple threads and going on in a conversation, it becomes easier to shift between the conversations that best aid the seduction process. Good friends also talk about whatever comes to mind, and the act of multi-threading and cutting the thread gives conversational flexibility in any pickup process.


You have to be willing to cut the thread when necessary in any conversation that is draining your energy or taking away from your goals.

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