Cultural Blueprint

Quick Definition: A cultural blueprint of different types of girls based on ethnicity, nationality etc.

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One of the beautiful things about becoming a pickup artist is that you become inclusive. A lot of successful pickup artists tend to not have a “type” of girl that they gravitate towards. Short or tall, blond or brunette, curvy or skinny, Asian or European; becoming a pickup artist means that you have the freedom of choice to meet and enjoy the company of all types of women.

But becoming a successful pickup artist also means being able to recognize the subtle nuances of interacting and attracting different types of women. A cultural blueprint helps a pickup artist recognize the subtleties that need to be paid heed to when picking up women from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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An example of a cultural blueprint would be that Asian girls are known to be more friendly and responsive on the approach but also more reserved and slower paced when it comes to developing a romantic/sexual relationship. Or that European girls are known to be much more open and more sexually independent than their American or Asian counterparts. A cultural blueprint can also tell a pickup artist how to proceed when sarging in different countries. For example, a pickup artist would have to approach women in conservative countries like Nepal or India with much more subtelty than he would in Europe or America.

While it is important for a pickup artist to be aware of the different cultural blueprints across different ethnicity and nationalities and use that knowledge to his advantage, it is also important to remember that all women essentially respond to the same attraction cues. A truly attractive man is as attractive to a woman in Nepal as he is to a woman in Barcelona.


The difference between a South-Asian woman and a European woman is all in their cultural blueprints

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