Credibility Date

Quick Definition: A very powerful Conveyance date, where men take their dates to a place where they have high credibility and visibility.

Full Definition:

The company you keep, and how that company looks at you as a person, speaks volumes about you. This kind of credibility, simply put, is impossible to fake. So having powerful social proof is one of the fastest ways to prove to a woman that you are a high quality man. Women have many unspoken questions in their heads when they meet a new guy, questions that must be answered before they can trust him and be attracted to him. She needs to know that the lifestyle he appears to have when she meets him (the lifestyle that initially attracted her) was not simply a show. Sadly, in much of the dating community, there is a desire to fake this lifestyle, and discussion on how to “trick” women into falling for it.

We find it easier to simply live the lifestyle that you profess to live, and nowhere is this more evident than during a credibility date. By having as many people as possible vouching for your character by genuinely liking you, laughing with you, and enjoying your company, you can quickly answer all of these doubts in a woman’s mind. Dates that end up like bad interviews—filled with chit chat that both of you know means nothing, but you still feel powerless in attempting to get to know the girl—are the result of you trying to answer all these questions through platonic conversation, which almost never works. The credibility date, taking place in a venue you are overly familiar with and known at, takes a massive load off of the conversations during a date and is deadly effective in conversion rates.

An excellent example of this is in the movie Goodfellas where Henry Hill takes his date, Karen, to the Copacabana. He enters the back way, knows the security there, banters with the people he walks past (because he knows them), is able to walk right through the kitchen without comment, is welcomed warmly by the host, and has a special table set for him right in the prime spot near the band. Before the date has even started, she knows he’s the real deal with this crowd.


“My patented credibility date is started at the theater I perform at – I know everyone there – and then taking her to my favorite diner across the street.  By the end of the night it’s always game over!”

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