Crazy Makeup Girl And Understanding True Beauty

In the story of crazy makeup and girls, you have probably come across this viral video of Jenna Marbles:

She’s actually a professional go-go dancer and is extremely “hot” by all Boston standards. However, notice how artificial a lot of the really pretty features are.

Here’s another video of  an Asian Girl’s half of face with makeup and the other half without:

Warning: SCARY!

I want to quote Kezia’s new book (15 Steps to Becoming a Master Seducer) here because I think she’s really got a good point from a woman’s perspective:

Marks Out of Ten

First of all, I want you to think of the hottest, sexiest woman that ever lived; the one who is, in your opinion, ten out of ten aesthetically. She could be a famous singer, a model, an actress or, if you’re lucky enough, someone you know.

Got her in your mind? Good. We will come back to this particular woman in a moment…

The next time you spot a hot-looking woman, rather than saying to yourself, “Wow, she’s beautiful”, or “She’s stunning,”, or whatever terminology you usually use, I want you to instead start training your mind to have a completely different reaction…

A nine is an extremely high score, and this mark is given out far too frequently. As a result, it makes the woman seem far more inaccessible than she actually is….

Get used to thinking such thoughts as:

  • She’s nice looking, but if she wore less makeup / more elegant clothes she’d be better
  • She’s hot, but her posture is bad. IF she sat up straight, rather than slouched, she’d look better
  • If she wasn’t chewing gum she’d look more sophisticated
  • She’s hot, but those weird facial expressions she keeps pulling make her less attractive

I personally add a few more. Since I study plastic surgery and modeling I know that most REALLY HOT girls work on it big time. There are some common themes among the club hotties:

  1. They usually have fake eye lashes or mascera on. I usually ask an innocent question like, “those are nice eye lashes, they are so long. Are they real?”
  2. They usually have really nice teeth or DON’T! They ones that do use Veneers and you can easily ask a girl if she has veneers! “Awesome! I was thinking of getting them too. Were they expensive?”
  3. Fake hair extensions and fake nails- Mystery covers this in MM
  4. This is one of my favorites and I hate giving it out. Oh well. I can tell 90% of the time if her nose is real. Is that your real nose!? Can I touch it? If your stage is strong, she’ll let you touch it. Here you are, a guy in a bar going up and down with your finger on a hot girl’s nose. There’s strong compliance and you’re stroking her ego. If it is real she’s naturally beautiful and if it is fake she’s proud of the doctor’s work. I usually compliment either way and say, “it looks really straight, congratulations”.
  5. One time I couldn’t tell if a girl’s boobs were real but they were way to big. So I joked and said, “so, are they real?” She looked shocked. I continued, “your teeth, are they real”. As she started answering after a stunned look I shot her a grin and she shouted, “shut up! You bastard! Yes, everything on me is real including my boobs! Hmph!”.

After you sleep with a few hotties you will realize that they are simply mediocre girls using the tools of the trade. High heels, makeup, eye lashes, more makeup, tans, hair styles, etc.

Personally, I believe that the most naturally beautiful women are mixed blood and also Brazilian. This is due to the high degree of genetic variation there. Makeup should serve to enhance, not alter the way a girl looks. Cumming on a nice sexy made up face is nice, but waking up to her everyday as a girlfriend with her real look is not. As a PUA, understand your sexual opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and use it to your advantage.

At the end of the day, you’re connecting with the girl beyond her “beautiful” social mask. If you can look with your eyes and see this side of her, an SHB or HB10 is simply just another little girl who you can get to know, just like the little boy inside of you when you were innocent and little.

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