• Cowboy

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    The Cowboy is personified via Hollywood Westerns similar to likes of  Clint Eastwood. Further influences have some from western-themed animes such as Gun-X-Sword and Cowboy Bebop. The cowboy is a rebel who makes his own rules in the days of the wild wild west. These days, he reflects a more ‘country’ vibe and free spirit that originates from the early days of the American wild west.

    Avatar Profile

    Unique Style Qualities:Rugged, Cowboy Hats, Boots, Leather, and carrying a gun
    Common Clothing Items:Cowboy boots, Cowboy Hat, Horses, Leather and Guns
    Favorite Brandsn/a
    Style Attraction Switches (SAS)Dominance, Bad Boy Image, Unpredictability, Not afraid of the unknown, adventure, wild west, sheriffs, outlaws
    What Women Think:
    • He is dangerous and exciting
    • He knows how to control animals and people
    • He’s a protector of his loved ones
    • He’s not afraid to die and lives in the moment
    Natural HabitatThe old wild west, these days in movies, western themed bars (i.e. Saddle Ranch), the mid-west states, farms

    Famous Examples

    Toby Keith, Kenny Rogers, Clint Eastwood, Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson

    Natural Counterparts

    Country girls, southern girls, family girls, church girls, mistresses in distress


    Clint Eastwood as a Cowboy

    Clint Eastwood as a Cowboy

    Cowboys in a movie

    Cowboys in a movie

    Van in Gun X Sword in a cowboy attire

    Van in Gun X Sword in a cowboy attire

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