Quick Definition: The traditional term for the process of beginning a sexual relationship.

Full Definition:

Courtship is a term that developed from social studies to describe the mating process. Courtship differs across time periods and cultures and has been studied by many in the academic research arena. Throughout history, the scientific data has corresponded strongly with the theories of courtship as indicated by pickup artists, despite social norms and conventions. For example, Moore and Perper found that, contrary to popular beliefs, courtship is normally triggered and controlled by the woman. Essentially, the male performs, and the woman chooses whether to accept or reject him.

Courtship is also evident in the animal kingdom, where species have mate-selection rituals involving dances (monkey), vocalizations (birds), displays of beauty (peacock), or fighting prowess (seal). In purely biological terms, courtship in the animal kingdom is very much based on S&R. It is the species’ choice in selecting their partners for reproduction and gene survival purposes.

PUAs are aware of the courtship process and know when they can break or bend the rules to achieve their desired state of seduction.



What is this, a romantic courtship? Seal the deal!

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