Quick Definition: An attractive woman in her 30s or 40s who is on the hunt, once again, at her usual hunting grounds of nightclubs, hotel lounges, and other friendly locations with young boy meat.

Full Definition:

A cougar is a common term used to describe single, older women who are on prowl. Cougars are usually easier to game than younger women because they have been around the block a few times and understand how the game is played. They also realize their declining value on the sexual market place.

Cougars usually will not play the usual B.S. games that women in their early twenties participate in because they know what they want. Cougars typically have fewer issues with sex than younger women and are a lot more open and aggressive about their sexuality. To this end, cougar sets are great practice sets for newbies, and GPUAs can probably learn a trick or two just interacting with cougars in general.

Some cougars are only interested in older men, but many are interested in casual sex with younger men. In this scenario, cougars are similar to PUAs. The cougar knows what she wants and enjoys going for the kill, just like a pick up artist.

There are different types of cougars within the cougar species genealogy. GQ has dedicated an article specifically for this archetype.


Even mPUA The Wolf is no match for the highly skilled cougars of SOMA San Francisco in their ability to close SNLs.

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