• Corporate Style

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Corporate style exudes power, sophistication, perhaps even wealth, and as of late, sex appeal.  The sex appeal aspect can almost definitely be attributed more recently to powerful and handsome fictional television characters and book characters such as ABC’s Revenge’s Joshua Bowman who plays Daniel Grayson, or the venerable Christian Grey of the 50 Shades of Grey series.

    When one thinks of corporate style, specifically for men, they think of structured suits, dress shoes, ties, perhaps briefcases, and appropriate work accessories such as watches.  While corporate style can somewhat vary, it should be noted that in many more conservative professions such as law and finance, where such style is either required or advised, there are some set style rules.  Generally speaking, men ought to be well-groomed and put together.  Nothing baggy, nothing too showy.

    mens corporate style

    The challenge is standing out in a sea of men who for all intents and purposes look very similar in their dress.  But that’s the great part of fashion – people can make artistic expressions about who they are and how they feel by the way they dress; while corporate style largely dictates the wearing of suits, suit styles, accessories, etc. can be personalized for each individual.  Whether pinstripes, velvet trimming, or even an androgynous styled suitcase-bag, corporate style can be molded to fit an individual’s needs and fashion sensibilities.

    mens corporate style suit

    mens corporate style

    mens corporate style brown jacket

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