Core Values and Life Beliefs

These are my core values

  1. I consider myself a very loyal person. I am loyal to my friends and family. Most importantly, I am loyal to myself. Loyalty to me is the willingness to let go of seemingly short term gains to grow and preserve a long term relationship with another person, entity, or with yourself. It is also about being completely honest with myself about my humanity and desires, and my most inner thoughts as they exist in its purest form.
  2. I am faithful. I believe in God/Infinite Intelligence/Greater Purpose. There’s a reason I am here, in this time and place. and my will guides my life in alignment with this life force.
  3. I understand and can possess discipline when required of me to achieve a goal or purpose in life. I am willing to go through the pains of learning something new in the expectation of a greater reward and feeling.
  4. I like to think big, am always curious about how things work, and am not afraid to set high expectations out of life. I enjoy doing new things and creating my own rules in life, even if at first the established rules seem difficult to grasp and remodel.
  5. Thankful for my family, my past, my life thus far in relation to mankind, and in relationship to where I am from. My parents, who both escaped from China during the communist era and dad, who made career out of diplomacy and has taught me many great lessons about life and relating to other people. We live in an amazing time, where the population is exploding, technology is advancing like we have never seen before, and the power the internet allows blogs like this to be freely accessible anywhere in the world.
  6. I have a good sense of humor, and enjoy being myself and seeing the funny side of life events. Wit, charm, and an overall sense of connection and flipping between different perspectives are all part of me in my natural “state”.
  7. I am good writer, and I communicate and connect well with others on issues that are important to me. I am able to think strategically about certain projects of life paradigms. I can articulate those feelings verbally and in writing, and am working to improve this communication skill set to be able to influence and give value to those around me.
  8. Being diplomatic, I have a world view of the humanity, its implications and influences of people, leaders, economies, climates and other factors that affect culture around the world. I give respect to the different cultures that exist, and consider myself somewhat of an anomaly. I do not succumb to social pressures exhibited by social programming and conditioning of the westernized culture.
  9. I have integrity. When I make a promise, I keep it. I strive to be very honest with myself, and relate frequently back to my core values. I like other people who have values, and stick by them, even if they do not directly align with mine, as long as their values are adding value to the world and other people more than it s taking away value from others.
  10. Life is about moments, and I will be unafraid to seize the moment when I feel like that is the right thing to do.

I am making a commitment to recite these lines everyday when I go to sleep and when I wake up for 30 days. These are the life believes I would like to have on top of my core values foundation:

1. I am made in God’s image
2. I love God, I love myself and I love life
3. I will make progress towards my goals everyday
4. I am loyal, first to myself, to my family, and then my friends
5. I am blessed by good looks and an inquisitive mind
6. I bring value to the world and those around me (in my reality)
7. I am articulate, creative and as master of words
8. I take care of my body and health everyday. My body is my temple
9. I will not be afraid to try new things.
10. I will carry myself as a prince, and behave like a gentleman
11. I will be versatile in my character: playful, innocent, wise, strong, and allow different emotions to convey my mood
12. I love women, but am not obsessed with them. I will master the skill set, and not focus on the girl until she commits to me first

In practicing these 12 affirmations, I also found the Knights of the Round Table Rules useful, as follows:

  1. To never lay down arms
  2. To seek after wonders
  3. When called upon, to defend the rights of the weak with all one’s strength
  4. To injure no one
  5. Not to attack one another
  6. To fight for the safety of one’s country
  7. To give one’s life for one’s country
  8. To seek nothing before honor
  9. Never to break faith for any reason
  10. To practice religion most diligently
  11. To grant hospitality to anyone, each according to his ability
  12. Whether in honor or disgrace, to make a report with the greatest fidelity to truth to those who keep the annals

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