• Core Confidence

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    Quick Definition: Personal confidence that does not come from an external source.

    Full Definition:

    Core confidence is the inner confidence that is innate and permanent to a person. Often, this is partially due to genetics and a person’s upbringing. It is the natural state and level of a person’s confidence, regardless of his circumstances.

    Tyler Durden uses the example of the restaurant manager, who may not be that good looking or cool, but has gotten laid by all of his waitresses. This is because he has situational confidence within his domain. He is the boss and the one with the power that women respond to. But take that same owner and put him in a new bar in a new city, and he will no longer have his situational confidence boosters. Instead, he must rely on his core confidence.

    Core confidence can be developed over time if one is able to create situational circumstances that feed positive pings to his frame, which begins a cycle of healthy entitlement of what is possible with one’s life. Vincent Chase has an innate core confidence and a healthy (sometimes over-indulgent) entitlement in life. His core confidence comes not only from his looks, but also his upbringing with always having things his way:


    Traveling allows us to gain core confidence because the situation is always changing.

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