Quick Definition: The third type of communication style, along with verbal and nonverbal.

Full Definition: Conveyance is a highly visual type of communication, similar to what has been historically known as nonverbals throughout the community. The word conveyance is used to instill the impression that men are always being watched when they’re out, from the second they enter a venue to the second they leave (or convince everyone through poor conveyance that they are not worth watching). This is exceedingly important, as the message you deliver to a room will be heard before you actually talk to anyone. Your posture, eye contact, and actions all play a role in telling people who you are.

Acting-acting-emotional conveyance

There’s an old maxim that states “Actions speak louder than words,” and this is absolutely true. If you claim to be one thing, but don’t have the conveyance to back that claim up, women will immediately stop talking to you. It is an attraction killer. A common example of conveyance is from the movie Goodfellas. The main characters often express volumes of information in the way they look at each other. You can quickly tell that they are not guys to be messed with. And while this kind of tough attitude is NOT required to be successful, it is a powerful message to send. Equally powerful messages are goofiness (both the good and bad kind), confusion, and sexuality. Conveyance is highly successful when used in relation to a credibility date.

Pay attention to the powerful conveyance of the characters of a favorite romantic comedy of mine: (spoiler alert on the ending)

Usage: “When I walked into the bar I felt on top of the world, and I could tell I was conveying it, because I felt all the womens’ eyes on me, like they were asking ‘Who is THIS guy??'”

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