Conversational Jujitsu

Quick Definition: Various techniques from Juggler for navigating and controlling the flow of a conversation.

Full Definition:

Conversational jujitsu is a term coined by Juggler, referring to having clarity, flexibility, and power in a conversation, similar to the martial art of jujitsu, where there is a back and forth of energy and techniques.

Through the mastery of storytelling, conversational energy and flow, controlling your expressions, and most importantly eliciting each other’s true values within a conversation, a PUA can become great at conversing with other people and building rapport.

Conversational jujitsu is very natural, flows, and is based more on improvisation within certain frames of alphaness and humor to create generative and spontaneous content. Understanding the dynamics behind what makes good conversation will give the artist the power to hold an interesting, attraction-driven conversation with a HB.

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Source: Juggler