Continuously Orgasmic State

Quick Definition: A sexual state that women can reach where she is continuously cumming or on the verge of cumming.

Full Definition:

The original post from Daniel Roses’s Sex God Method:

This was something that amazed me when I first learned it. I thought that women could only cum like us, and then I would have to build them all the way back up to orgasmic levels of pleasure again before she could have another orgasm. But then, I learned that after cumming a few times, women don’t “come down” from their orgasms. Eventually, if you make them cum enough, women will reach a state where they continuously alternate between orgasmic levels of pleasure, and pleasure just below orgasm. I wrote a chapter in The Sex God Method about this — I call it The Continuously Orgasmic State.

The mindblowing levels of pleasure you can acheive when your woman is in The Continuously Orgasmic State are amazing. You can keep her in this state for up to half an hour, where she is continuously cumming or on the verge of cumming. There is no interruption to the pleasure, and you lose yourself completely to each other. It is physically exhausting and as intense as getting hit by a truck, except it feels amazing and utterly fulfilling.

I just read this post by Dirty Filthy Princess, which I think is a great description of The Continuously Orgasmic State:

In the meantime, here’s what happens to me. My first orgasm is typically the most difficult to reach. It takes time and effort. While it all feels good, and I spend a lot of time moaning, I don’t count it as an actual orgasm until that explosive feeling that takes over my whole body. It’s hard to describe, but it’s an unmistakable feeling.

After that first orgasm, I usually orgasm much more easily and quickly. They just roll out of my body, one right after another. Some are more intense than others.


Last night my girl reached her continuous orgasmic state and it was mind blowing.

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