Continual Momentum

Quick Definition: AKA the Long March, having the discipline to build up momentum not just throughout the night, but throughout several weeks.

Full Definition:

Continual Motion = always moving, ongoing momentum to close. Like water flowing. Non-stagnant. Very little things will allow her to get to know you, over time.

Tony Robbins notes that the 2-3 week period is where most people quit, and getting past this threshold allows a new behavior pattern to take hold. Continued momentum is that spark that hits when you start working day after day.

Most people take long breaks in between, and to start up again requires a start-up and warm up time that often lags everytime a long break is taken. This is why most people don’t get good at pick up, or get the bodies they really want by going to the gym sporadically.

In the book “Great By Choice“, Jim Collins tackles the 20 mile march concept of great dynasties in companies that were able to sustain this march. Regardless of the weather, one south pole explorer made ground everyday. Another only traveled on good days. One made it back with the record, and the other died.

fanatic discipline
The 3 foundations of “great by choice” companies during their dynasty years

If you want to get good at pick up, a continued, sustained effort is required.

Usage: Continual momentum is required for sustained quality and building something great.

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