AKA Conspiracy Plotline, Us-Bubble

Quick Definition: A shared connection between the artist and the target that only they know about.

Full Definition:

Romeo and Juliet battled against the world. The more their families resisted their romance, the stronger their passion became. Similarly, conspiracies set up a natural tendency for the target(s) to align with you. The conspiracy can involve inside jokes, nicknames, and a growing connection between the artist and the target or group of people. A great example of this is when the PUA goes into a set, hooks, and then another guy comes in, obviously hitting on her. At this point, the artist can simply play the role of the watchful friend. He can give girl-coding and essentially become part of the group.

Kino escalation can also take place, for example holding the girl’s hand behind her back so that the whole group is unaware of your connection to her. Conspiracies are seductive because they are naughty, secretive, and trigger the mischievous side of human emotions. Theoretically, an artist who is aware of conspiracy “gets it.” He is part of the Secret Society.


Create a conspiracy with your target at the beginning of the conversation.

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