Connection Triggers

Quick Definition: Hardwired triggers in female and male psychology that, when triggered, cause a feeling of deep emotional connection and affinity towards the other person, usually the seductress/seduction master.

Full Definition:

Just like attraction triggers that DHV and biologically trigger a feeling of attraction in women, connection triggers are used to generate feelings of emotional affinity. Some women require more connection than others, and it is up to the PUA to calibrate based on her comfort and trust levels. Usually, MM advocates a 4-7 hour (sometimes 10) time frame from meeting the target to the target being willing to have sex.

The connection phase is built on trust, comfort, and being yourself. No routines are necessary here. Some connection trigger questions include: “what were you like in high school,” or “what did you dream of being when you were little?” These questions elicit the person’s true values and reveal who they really are. For women of striking beauty, it is important because connection triggers are essentially DHVs as well as evidence of male to female attraction based on things other than her looks alone.

Example of a highly charged connection in the scene from Twilight:


If you are running out of rapport during a day 2, use some of your connection trigger material

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Source: Revelations, Mystery Method