Congruence Test

Quick Definition: A test or gambit a woman or PUA can throw out to test for congruency between a target’s external representation of themselves and their real inner frame.

Full Definition:

Congruence tests are generally thrown out by women, as it is important for them to realize if they are sleeping with an alpha male or a beta male posing as an alpha male. Biologically, this distinction in sexual selection can affect her gene pool for the rest of her evolutionary life.

Sometimes, a high value player may want to test the congruency of a girl, to make sure she is not a gold digger, totally crazy, or that she genuinely likes him.

A congruence test can take many forms. It can be non verbal, such as a girl getting close to you and seeing if you become nervous. A true PUA would not flinch, as beautiful women are common in his lifestyle. It can be a compliance test such as, “Will you get me a drink?” If the PUA is conveying alpha male characteristics but complies to this request without asking for something in return, the woman’s intuition will sense incongruency, forcing her to throw more tests.

A test can also take the form of a shit test/neg, such as, “This is boring. That guy over there is cute.” PUAs do not tolerate bad behavior, and ignorance will not work on this particular shit test. In response, the PUA can say, “yeah, he is cute, isn’t he? Come on, let’s go meet him. I will introduce you.” Flip the script. Ignore irrelevant shit tests, and appropriately punish and reward good and bad behavior.

Passing one congruence test may not get a PUA all the way to sex, as women throw these out throughout the seduction timeline. The most effective way to pass congruence tests is, in reality, to be become truly congruent.


The HB threw me a congruence test when she was asking about my ex-girlfriends and if I was still friends with them.

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