Quick Definition: The behavior of most of society; or a person who adopts the behavior and thoughts of the majority of the other people within a tribe, rather than having a unique and unconventional way of thinking.

Full Definition:

Society as a whole needs conformists. The tribe is able to have structure and stability when people conform. But PUAs are not conformists. “A pickup artist is the exception to the rule” – as Mystery says. It is important to realize that much of our thoughts, if never rooted or explored via primary (self) experimentation, is a derivative of social conditioning.

While some social conditioning is good (i.e. gravity will kill you if you jump from the 100th floor), others are double edged swords. For example, the belief that women don’t want sex as much as men is a social conditioning thought, and the men who understand this will be able to do better with women by understanding their true nature.

The Matrix is a system:


It is important not to conform to the norm when the risks are relatively low to your livelihood, and this especially applies in social situations.

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