Confidence Verus Techinque

Hey guys Preston Blain here from over at Social Masters. My pal Casual asked me to write a guest post and here I am :-)To start this post I have a question for you. Would you rather have a huge array of techniques at your disposal but little confidence in oneself, or would you rather have great confidence but only a little technical knowledge?See most people I know who are into the Pickup scene have great knowledge of techniques but lack the confidence to put any of it into action. This situation will definitely end in tears. You will feel like you should be meeting loads of women but you aren’t. You will get frustrated because you will look at others and think “I am so much cooler than him, but he is getting the women. If only I had the confidence I would show them…”.

I know because when I started learning how to pick up women, I focused only on techniques. I believed that by gaining knowledge about meeting women would give me confidence. That I would learn how to do it then rush out into the real world and smash it so to speak. It didn’t.

I would go out with a friend on mine. Someone who was not interested in learning how to meet women because he was already pretty successful. Not because he was naturally good with women, but because he had balls of pure steel and a never say die attitude.

He is the sort of guy who not only had the confidence to approach women on a regular basis, but also no matter how many times he got turned down he would keep going. Where as I, at this particular time, would feel the fear so badly that I would not approach women at all. I would just sit back and watch him in action.

So the thing is, having the confidence to approach women one after another, even if you are not great with women will be more successful than someone who knows every single aspect of pick up and yet does not approach women because they lack the confidence to put their knowledge into action. If you don’t approach then you have no hope in hell (unless you have one of those rare moments a girl approaches you).

Now I am not saying confidence is everything. All I am saying is that learning technique after technique will do you absolutely no good unless you put it into action. You must remember to develop your mental toughness as well as your technical ability.

Catch you laters,

Preston Blain


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