Compliment Opener

Quick Definition: A sincere and unique compliment used to start a conversation with a girl of the PUA’s interest.

Full Definition:

Compliment openers are an important component of natural and direct game. Rather than opening with a scripted line, a PUA using a compliment opener delivers a sincere compliment as a way of starting a conversation with a girl.

Two of the most important components of a compliment opener are that they must be unique and that they must be genuine. Too many guys use boring and unoriginal compliments to start conversations with girls, such as, “Hi. You are beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?”

This appears contrived and makes the PUA not stand out from the boatload of chodes at any social setting. A compliment opener must be authentic, and it must be non generic. For example, saying a girl is “beautiful” does not necessarily show any signs of real attention to detail. Saying something else such as:

“You look very interesting, and I love that your shoes match the color of your eyes.”

While still making a similar point, this response is better than the previous compliment because of its attention to detail.

Compliment openers must also be genuine in order to be effective. Otherwise, the girls they are being delivered to will just discount them and brush them off. Part of how a compliment opener can come across as genuine depends on the delivery. For example, a simple compliment opener used by the PUA instructor Tim from RSD is:

“Hi. I thought you looked adorable, and I had to meet you”

Even though the compliment is simple, when delivered in a sincere way, it is an effective way of starting a conversation with a woman.

There is often criticism in the community regarding compliment openers, especially for extremely attractive women (HB9s and 10s), because they hear compliments all the time. Many PUAs also take a more indirect approach to pickup, where they initially hide their interest, which is counter to the compliment opener. However, if a PUA delivers a compliment in a sincere, congruent, and outcome independent way, he can create a powerful connection with a woman.


That is a great compliment opener you gave to the waitress, it must have made her night

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