AKA Art of the Compliment

Quick Definition: A genuine or well thought out compliment delivered without lowering one’s value and without expecting anything in return.

Full Definition:

The art of delivering a fine compliment was practiced a long time ago by diplomats and dignitaries worldwide. In the seduction world, the compliment is often viewed by newbie’s as a dangerous tool only used by AFCs. In reality, most guys compliment women way too much, and they do so with the intent of getting something back in return.

compliment a girl

Instead, compliments should be given sincerely and without a thought, in a very matter of fact sort of way. PUAs are trained to deliver compliments in a similar fashion:

1) Avoid making strong facial expressions. Say the compliment in a matter-of-fact way, as if the thought just appeared in your mind.

2) Make the compliment sincerely without pausing for a reply, Instead, quickly move on to another topic. The compliment has hit, and she knows it, so move on before a negative response (or positive disqualifier) can be given.

3) Calibrate. Some compliments can backfire or raise more questions. For example, “What about my dress do you find most beautiful?” Be prepared for these test questions. If the compliment is sincere, the answer will come easily.

4) Negs or back-handed compliments are used to soften the intended interest of a compliment. For example, “you’re very little! [Neg] That’s so cute [IOI calibration],” or “you have very pretty eyes [IOI], may I touch them? [Neg].”

5) Disqualifiers can be used for compliment openers: “I’m not hitting you, but I just wanted to let you know that I love the green designs on your earrings.” Then, walk away. You’ll see her later, and she’ll remember you.


There is an art form to effective compliments.

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