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  • Compliance

    By on December 16, 2008

    Quick Definition: The measurement of how willing a woman is to do something for you.

    Full Definition:

    Compliance can be used as a way to gauge the level of attraction or comfort that a woman feels for you. Generally, the more willing that a woman is to comply with your requests, the more attracted she is to you.

    In a relationship, the person who is able to get the most compliance often has the most power in a relationship. Thus, in a work setting, a manager has a lot of power because he or she is able to get others to comply with the requests. In pickup, the more alpha and dominant characteristics a man can display, the more likely he is to get compliance.

    Compliance can be a good way to set precedence in an interaction, and get a woman used to the idea of doing what you say. This can be accomplished with a yes-ladder of gradually increasing requests, which slowly builds up her compliance threshold.

    Women also often use compliance tests to try to shift the power dynamic in their favor.

    Maverick on compliance:

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    • Avatar Maximillian

      Psychopaths like Charles Manson and that kid they just did a special on ABC about who got those other kids to kill someone. They become legends, people demonize (or lionize depending on with whom you speak) the ability of creating amenability in others (compliance) to such an extent that if someone does something major (like kill or prostitute or whatever major illogical thing it may be) for you, you most naturally become an evil genius in the minds of the average spectator. Having a strong frame does wonders toward enticing compliance from anyone. Having social proof of that frame doubles its efficacy, and being authentically congruent to your representation of high value summons total compliance most of the time from your average person. Do anything (congruently) with enough confidence (or as though you’ve done it a million times before) and that’s a large part toward gaining compliance. “Value and Compliance Model for Attraction” by Vin Di Carlo goes into it pretty well. It’s worth whatever time is spent on analysis.

    • Good points, although I wouldn’t consider a psychopath to be a good role model for compliance :p Compliance is such a powerful thing, because it requires a strong degree of confidence in yourself, and confidence that the people around you will behave as you expect them to. Even a little bit of uncertainty can cast doubt on your competence, and make you seem incongruent. That makes compliance difficult to fake– you either have to be really sure of yourself, or be delusional.

      That’s one reason why less intelligent people are often more confident and can gain more compliance than people who are smarter than them– they overestimate their abilities, and are blind to their own limitations. But because social reality is malleable, and is often controlled by whoever has the strongest frame, they can get away with it.

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