Quick Definition: The measurement of how willing a person is to do something for you.

Full Definition:

Compliance can be used as a way to gauge the level of attraction or comfort that a woman (or man) feels for you. Generally, the more willing that a person is to comply with your requests, the more attracted she or he is to you.

In a relationship, the person who is able to get the most compliance often has the most power in a relationship. For example, the person with the more power dynamic in the relationship may get the other one to pick them up. Over time, the laws of equivalent exchange apply. But short term, compliance can indicate more favor in one direction between the interest of 2 people. In pickup theory, the more alpha and dominant characteristics a man can display, the more likely he is to get compliance in a night club setting.

Compliance can be a good way to set precedence in an interaction, and get a woman used to the idea of doing what you say. This can be accomplished with a yes-ladder of gradually increasing requests, which slowly builds up her compliance threshold.

An example of a compliance test is, during a great conversation, “hey, can I see your hands? I want to do a palm reading” and seeing if the person complies. Or, “hey, do you guys want to go next door to get some coffee?” If the girl complies, initial trust is built and the interaction can move forward. If she declines, then there isn’t enough comfort or attraction that is built yet.

Women and men can often use compliance tests to try to shift the power dynamic in their favor, or to see if they are mutually on the same page in the interaction. Compliance can be applied to job interviews and also same-sex relationships between friends. For example, if one friend is always driving to meet the other and the favor is not returned, there is a compliance test that indicates the power dynamic. A simple compliance test in this situation is for the other friend to ask him to drive to his place next time to hangout.

Ultimately, you want to seek out equivalent exchange is social interactions, as no human being will comply with what he or she perceives as an imbalance in value over long periods of time.

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