Communication Frequency

AKA Communication Mode.

Quick Definition: The energy and vibe level of a particular way of communicating that extends beyond words between two people.

Full Definition:

Communication frequencies: different types of people communicate differently, and this applies to girls too.

Party and more emotional girls communicate with high screams and excitement. So, if you talk to them like a normal day game scenario they will get bored or jump on to the next person who’s congratulating them. A normally quiet girl can become more “party” mode in a loud club, playing her favorite music. So. always be aware of the undertone of the emotional frequency of a venue. Some examples of how to respond to certain types of girls in their frequency mode:

  1. Party Model Girl Frequency: High energy, high pitch, quick DHVs, heg a bit, energy momentum needs to be constantly moving, try to bounce her to another location.
  2. Good Girl Frequency: Positive energy, sincerity, authenticity and light humour
  3. Young Girl Frequency : More toned down, easy words, authenticity, and guiding hand philosophy
  4. Mature Model Frequency: this is the girl who’s over 30, is more mature and less excited than the new girl or party girl model- High momentum, same as the party girl but with less elasticity. So less intense emotional spikes and negs. She can still be fun but she’s not older and wiser.
  5. Russell brand does this extremely well. He calibrates his communication frequency to the venue. In a Charlie Rose interview, he was more introspective and lower toned. In his quick TV appearances, he’s loud, exciting and more “performance” Russell.

The same girl who’s a “party girl” can change communication channels to have more focus in a classroom, so be aware that their frequencies change. Over time, general temperaments tend to persist so you need to be aware of how someone expresses love, friendship, desire in different forms.

For example, talking to library girl vs. party girl at their respective venues will require 2 completely different modes and frequency of communication:

library girl

party girl

Usage: Be aware of the communication frequency of each girl you’re talking to.

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