Quick Definition: A sharing of features or characteristics in common; possession or manifestation of common attributes between two people.

Full Definition:

Building commonality is a big part of JM and natural game. In MM, it occurs in the comfort phase, when the artist is genuinely getting to know the target.

Instead of agreeing with everything she says, a PUA should also build tension into the interaction with push and pull, BHRR, banter and reward and relate to make her feel like these commonalities are hard-won. A combination of MM’s cat string theory and JM’s banter works wonders, and the commonalities discovered will be valued a lot more by her because of it.

Example of building commonality via MM:

HB: “I was born in Italy.”
PUA: “Oh wow, I can’t even talk to you right now!”
HB: “Why not?”
PUA: “This is just too weird. Guess where I was born?”
HB: “Italy?”
PUA: Pause. “I was born in Vatican City. That’s really neat that you were born in Italy. I love the culture, the food. I am adopting you as my little sister! If things don’t work out here, we’ll move to the streets of Rome and sell strawberry ice cream. Italian style!”
HB: (will likely at this point be laughing really loud and girlish) “Ok! hehe”


Try to find commonalities with the girl when you isolate her to build comfort and trust.


Related Terms: BHRR, Push/Pull, Banter, Reward & Relate, Comfort, Rapport

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