• Comfort

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The middle stage of seduction in the Mystery Method, where the girl is already attracted to you and the interaction requires more trust and rapport.

    Full Definition:

    In comfort, the PUA’s routines and canned responses should be dropped unless the interaction becomes stale or boring. This is the opportunity to isolate and get to know the girl.

    Information such as work, age, and where you live should now be well received, as attraction is already established. It is still helpful to mix in some banter at this stage, to keep the conversation from turning into a boring interview.

    During comfort, the PUA must establish increasing kino escalation and not become too easy, as cat string theory and calibration can assist during the comfort phase. Outside of these adjustments, this stage should involve bounces and venue changes, and normal, intimate, and spontaneous conversation.


    You need to build some comfort first before bouncing her to create some level of trust.

    Related Terms: Grounding, Identity, Congruency, Rapport

    Source: Mystery

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