• Cold Weather Cool

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Chances are wherever you call home is gripped with the seasonal side affect known as cold weather right now. It’s freezing. It’s snowing. It’s snowing and sort of raining. With a little sleet and—ow!—hail the size of golf balls.

    But cold weather doesn’t preclude you from going to work, going out and, otherwise, having some semblance of a life. So you hitch up your boots, wrap a scarf around your neck, pull on gloves, hats, coats and you’re ready to brave the cold.

    Now admit it—how many times last winter did you say, “it doesn't look good, but it’s warm” before you headed out?

    If the answer is anything more than zero, that’s too many. Winter doesn’t have to mean three months spent looking like you just shoveled snow off of every sidewalk in town. Yes, warmth is the name of the game. But people—your boss, your girlfriend, that girl at the bar—are still looking, and they won’t think, “wow, he’s warm.” They’ll think, “wow, he’s a slob.” Would you rather be a warm, bulky slob or warm and well-appointed? Warm and stylish? Warm and sleek? It’s possible. Now ditch the wellies and read on.

    Keep warm with: a great hat
    It’s a cold weather necessity, but keeping heat in doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Choose a lid that’s versatile, comfortable and clean, like a cable-knit hat or scull cap. The trick is to find something sharp and refined—and that doesn’t have to mean expensive. Cashmere is a great choice, but there are countless wool options that look just as good. Want to try something a little edgier? Fedoras and newsboy hats are popping up everywhere and take your look from “keeping warm” to “keeping cool.”

    Just remember, no matter how low the temperature drops, there’s no excuse for earmuffs. They’re the Crocs of winter wear.

    beanie cold weather men

    Cold weather doesn't have to kill your fun—or your style.

    Keep warm with: a well-tied scarf
    It’s not just about wearing a great scarf, it’s about learning to tie it right. Ever tied a tie? Then tying a scarf is a snap. The Parisian knot is the most popular:

    • Fold your scarf lengthwise, then drape around your neck
    • Insert the loose ends through the loop and pull through
    • Adjust the knot and go—on an extra cold day, tuck the ends into your jacket, or wear loose

    Try a rich jewel tone or paisley print to add a quick, textured pop of color.

    Keep warm with: military boots
    Duck boots, Uggs, wellies…just no. In the winter it’s more important than ever to choose the right footwear. Unlike the rest of the year, your boots have to serve many functions, from keeping your feet warm and dry to looking good to fitting seamlessly with your style. Dark military boots are a good choice. Whether you’re wearing a suit, jeans or something in between, these durable, sleek boots will work hard while adding a rugged, stylish finish to any look.

    Image credit: nyul / 123RF Stock Photo

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