Cold Reading

Quick Definition: The technique of making seemingly true statements about a person without actually knowing the individual. Psychics often use this to fool people into believing they have paranormal powers.

Full Definition:

Cold reading is a technique used by pickup artists to build attraction by appearing to know something deep about a girl he just met, thus building intrigue. This can also be a way to transition into rapport by relating on deeply held commonalities.

Even without prior knowledge of a HB, a PUA experienced in cold reading can still quickly obtain a great deal of information about the target by carefully analyzing the target’s body language, style, ethnicity, manner of speech, place of origin, or other interesting aspects about the person. While no individual is exactly alike, there are certain commonalities about certain types of girls, along with truisms about most people, that can be exploited to make it seem like the PUA knows more about a girl than he actually does.

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