Cold Approach

Quick Definition: The art of approaching and opening a girl or set that the PUA has never met before.

Full Definition:

The cold approach pick up, for many that started out in the game, is the ultimate form of seduction. It empitomizes the ability to meet a girl and establish a romantic or seductive relationship with her in the first 15-30 minutes. Ultimately, the ability to successfully open a cold approach is a skill set that allows him to be truly free in the world.

He may be visiting a different city or country, but he will know, for the most part, how to meet and make a sexually favorable impression with the opposite sex.

However, AFCs and some naturals often argue that cold approaches are not necessary if one has a growing social circle where he can find GFs. Gambler argues in The Natural Art of Seduction that the cold approach is what gives ultimate choice: to meet a girl who is not part of your life and have the skill set to make her part of your reality. Mystery states that “the cold approach pickup – it is a beautiful art form.”

Ultimately, any successful PUA has had his share of cold approaches in order to get to where he is.


I did a dozen cold approaches at the club the other night.

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