Code of Honor

Inspiration: Rich Dad’s ABCs of building a business team that wins.

  • Business is easy, managing people is hard
  • Entrepreneurs create jobs, they don’t need jobs
  • The difference between a business person leader and a self-employed entrepreneur is the ability to lead teams
  • Under pressure, the code becomes clearer. Sharper. Calmer. In support of each other
  • Our mission: Elevating the financial and relationship well being of humanity
  • Google: To organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful
  • Living your own business life
  • Never abandon your teammate in need.
  • When a code is established, do it early on when the heat is off.
  • Under pressure, the team with the strongest code survives. I.e. Military men under fire still need to stay calm and work as a team.
  • My own father used to tell me, “always be at least 5 minutes early. This gives you time to prepare and think, and you will be more equipped to take advantage of opportunities and avoid mistakes. Remember the 5 minute rule, son.”

code of honor soldier

My own code of honor to myself:

  1. Be honest about my own desires, fears and feelings towards life.
  2. Be on time. 5 minutes prior to meeting. If not, always let the other person know.
  3. Don’t over promise.
  4. Don’t mislead people.
  5. Treat people with respect, even if they are mean to you. Retain your position of calm and high value without becoming an asshole.
  6. Always be willing to take calculated risks to achieve my dreams. Taking risks in turn is less risky over time than those who never dare to do anything great.
  7. Appreciate talent and people around you.
  8. Doubt yourself and question your existing assumptions, but never doubt yourself for too long.
  9. Be willing to fight for what you believe in.

Here’s a video from Final Fantasy Crisis Core and the story of Zack Fair. Warning: Spoiler alert if you have never played that game, or Final Fantasy 7 (originally on the PS)

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