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  • Cockblock (CB)

    By on January 1, 2009

    AKA The “Obstacle”

    Quick Definition: The various friends, AMOGs, hired guns, and any other individual that attempts to stop a PUA’s advances in full closing a girl.

    Full Definition:

    Cockblocks are a reality of game. Thus, it’s important for the PUA to be aware of them. It’s also important to understand how to deal with specific types of cockblocks and interrupts.

    Cockblocking can come from female obstacles, or sometimes male orbiters. Most of the time, the cockblock is either a jealous female friend or a guy friend who is interested in the girl. There are different themes and concepts to preventing a cockblock. An AMOG is a threatening cockblock who has dominance over his particular social group.

    Axe marketing campaign on cockblocks, AKA Game Killers*.

    *Ad Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, NY, USA

    Cockblocks come in different forms:


    I should not have taken her to the bar, there were so many AMOGs and CBs to deal with, and this is only the 2nd date!

    Related Terms: Mother Hen, Interrupt, AMOG, AFOG, Isolation, Wing, Group Theory, Obstacle

    Source: Pop culture

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