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    My High Performance Coaching Programs

    Monthly Training – 1 Month – $995 / one time

    -We’ll meet 4 times for an hour every week, and work on your major sticking points
    -You will be assigned 2-3 major tasks each time for homework, I will be holding you accountable at a high level
    -I will do a full assessment of your style, your lifestyle, and your major blocks with it comes to meeting women

    -Clients that have gone through this program generally have 1-2 major sticking points
    -Once resolved, men and women are able to better understand and attract the type of relationships they want

    Long Term Training – 2 Months- $895 / month

    -We’ll meet 8 times for an hour every week, and work on your major sticking points and life issues
    -You will be assigned 2-3 major tasks each time for homework, I will be holding you accountable at a high level
    -I will do a full assessment of your style, your lifestyle, and your major blocks with it comes to meeting women
    -We will be going over major blocks in your life that you prevented you from FREEING YOURSELF FULLY

    -My Mission Is Your Freedom.

    -Clients that breakthrough here in LTT (Long Term Training) have success with women, that permeate through to the rest of their lives
    -Generally, they are happier, more optimistic and advance in their relationships and careers, as well as social circles

    Long Term Training – 3 Months – $795 / month

    -We’ll meet 12 times for an hour every week, and work on your major sticking points and life issues
    -You will be assigned 2-3 major tasks each time for homework, I will be holding you accountable at a high level
    -I will do a full assessment of your style, your lifestyle, and your major blocks with it comes to meeting women
    -We will be going over major blocks in your life that you prevented you from FREEING YOURSELF FULLY

    -My Mission Is Your Freedom.

    -Clients that breakthrough here in LTT (Long Term Training) have success with women, that permeate through to the rest of their lives
    -Generally, they are happier, more optimistic and advance in their relationships and careers, as well as social circles
    -3 Months is generally what it takes to make a habit stick. Clients here generally have a higher success rate retaining and keeping their success and habits, that permeate years down the road in their lives.

    If you’re serious about long term coaching, please schedule a consult with me here. Or, email me at alphawolf9999 (at) gmail (dot) com


    Prefer to learn at your own pace? Checkout our products here:

    If you’re new or just want to get a taste of how to get started, checkout “Game Sense”. It’s priced at $5 and we’re not making any money from it after Clickbank fees, it’s set at that price simply to get you to make a small commitment to improving your life.

    Seduce With Style is a membership site, and it’s a one-time payment of $79. No other hidden fees or charges. It is priced at $39 because there’s over 30 hours of content, including at 250+ page PDF book that I also published on Amazon. In the 20-30 videos in the SWS program,

    Asian Rockstar is for my Asian brothers who may be struggling or having trouble assimilating into a western-dominated culture. It’s priced at $79 and again, includes tons of video material, and a-e-book with statistical data on interracial dating. The goal of the product is to change your mentality of the world of interracial dating and send you on a path of living the dating life of your dreams.



    For Coaching With DJ Fuji See Below

    To Guys Who Want Success with Women –
    But Haven’t Had Anything Work Yet

    Hey man,

    DJ Fuji here.

    Thanks for checking out the coaching page.

    If you think you’ve tried everything (the ebooks, the courses, even a bootcamp) and still aren’t getting the dating results you want, then this may be the most important message you’ll ever read.

    If you’re on this site, chances are that you know who I am already.  My name is DJ Fuji and I’m one of the most respected and sought-after dating coaches in the world right now.  I built my reputation by getting results for students when everything else seemed to be failing. Today I travel around the globe, teaching men how to have freedom in their relationships and meet women they’re truly attracted to, instead of just what’s available.  

    But things didn’t quite start out very rosy for me.

    I’m 5-foot-four-inches short, not classically good looking, and grew up very sheltered, introverted, and shy. After two decades on this planet, I had never held a girl’s hand, much less had a kiss or lost my virginity.

    I put in a lot of years of work overcoming these obstacles, but when I succeeded, I proved to a lot of people that this was possible for anyone.

    At one point, other instructors in the industry started sending me the students they couldn’t help or had given up on. They called them “hard cases.” Dorky computer programmers, “forever alone” types, shy and timid Asian guys, real-life 40-year old virgins, guys with disabilities, and more.

    I didn’t see them as hard cases. I saw them as guys like me.

    And maybe because of that belief, I became the guy who could get them results when nothing else was working. I was the guy who could get these types of students in relationships with women they were really attracted to.

    Look, if you’re anything like me, it’s not really your fault if you’re struggling in this area of your life.  Many of my top students struggled for a long time before they found success with women. You’re probably successful in a lot of OTHER areas of your life, and that’s because you put time, energy, and effort into those endeavors, at the expense of learning how to socialize and date.

    I teach guys from all walks of life but the guys I really connect with and like coaching are the guys who were just like me. That’s why I took a huge pay cut, abandoned my career in Software Development/Programming, and started coaching full time.

    I know what it’s like to be lonely.

    I REALLY know what it’s like. I know what it feels like to dread the weekend coming up because you know your friends have dates or are in relationships and you’re probably just going to spend the weekend by yourself. Alone. At home.

    I know what it feels like to walk around with that silent shame, knowing that you’re starving for female affection, but not being able to even TALK to anyone about it because it’s so embarrassing.

    I know what it feels like to wonder if you’ll ever get married. To wonder if you’ll be like those guys on tv, who stay single their entire lives. I used to wonder sometimes if things would always be like this. If I would just go through my whole life having crushes on girls who either didn’t know I existed, or, in the best case scenario, saw me as “just a friend.”

    More than just lonely, I felt alone, because I felt like no one understood what I was going through.

    Have you ever day dreamed that some catastrophe would happen but right when something terrible was about to occur, you’d swoop in to save the day like a comic book hero and your dreamgirl would fall in love with you?

    Have you ever made accidental contact with a girl, like you brushed her hand or a girl on the plane fell asleep on your shoulder, and all you could think about was, “ohmygod this is so NICE.” It was like a craving, like a hunger for something. For a caress, a touch, some sort of contact. Some sort of affection. And then as soon as you realize what you’re thinking, you kick yourself for being so lame, and you try to pretend that you never felt that?


    Yeah. Me too.

    You wouldn’t catch me dead admitting that to anyone at the time, though.

    I’ve never even told anyone about it except for my students. But they get it. They understand, because we come from the same place.

    That’s not the bad news, though.


    The bad news is that for a lot of guys, their worst fears are true.

    For a lot of guys, this *is* their life and this *is* their future. It doesn’t change. It doesn’t magically get better. There is no radioactive spider that bites you and then you become the webbed superhero who saves Mary Jane.

    No, in reality, a lot of guys who were just like me… end up staying that way. They bought into the societal bullshit. They trusted the well-intentioned advice of their family, friends, and colleagues who told them that, “It’s all right, dont worry about this, you’ll find the right person someday.”

    And so they waited. Year after year, decade after decade. And every year, it got worse.

    The loneliness doesn’t go away. It festers. You get more desperate. And the more desperate you get, the more it repels women.

    It’s a vicious fucking cycle.

    I’ve seen it over, and over, and over again. And it makes me angry. Angry because it doesn’t have to be this way. Angry because some of these men get so frustrated that they take their own lives after hitting their breaking point. Angry because some men even buy guns and go on a rampage and kill dozens of people, trying to “get back” at the women who never loved them.

    If I hadn’t taken drastic action, that might have been me.

    You know the scary part?


    If you don’t take drastic action, THAT MIGHT BE YOU.

    Let that sink in for a bit.

    If any of my story resonated with you, if anything sounded familiar to you, then you know that you’re in the same boat that i was in.

    And I’ll tell you right now that if you don’t make your own luck, if you don’t take action, and if you don’t commit to changing this, things will get worse, not better.

    I wasn’t the average guy who could get buy on height, or looks, or natural charm. I was a 5’4” shy Asian guy with no friends and an intense fear of talking to women.

    But I had one advantage, and against all odds, it allowed me to succeed.

    Do you know what that is?

    1. Made. A. Fucking. Decision.

    I told myself that I would fix this problem that had plagued me my whole life. I’d fix it or die trying. I’d spend a decade or more on it if I needed to, if only for the CHANCE that I could succeed.

    And at this crucial point, I need you to realize that you’re at those same crossroads.

    You can either choose to define your own destiny, to be unsatisfied with your lot in life, and to DO SOMETHING about it…

    …or you can sit around and HOPE that luck one day falls into your lap and the problem goes away.

    If you fall into the second category, stop wasting your time here. Hit the back button or go play videogames or something. No hard feelings.

    But if you’re in the first category, if you’re set on changing things in your life, then I want you to do an exercise with me. This is the same exercise that was taught to me when I first started this.

    I want you to picture your life right now.  What your place looks like. What your work looks like. What your dating life looks like. Stop reading and think about what a movie about your life would look like, good and bad. Close your eyes if you need to.

    Now I want you to imagine what life would look like if the dating thing wasn’t a problem. If you were one of those guys that all of us envied in school — the guys who seem to always say the right thing, who seem to always have dates on the weekends.

    What would your life look like? What would it feel like? What would it be like if you knew every friday you’d either be hanging out with a girl you really like or going on a date with an intriguing woman who you wanted to get to know better.

    Now here’s the magic question (and there are no correct answers here, so be truthful):

    Pop Quiz:

    This life that we just imagined… how badly do you want this life?

    1. I could take it or leave it
    2. I’d prefer it
    3. I want it badly enough to work for it for a while
    4. I want it enough to do anything necessary to achieve it

    Think about this carefully, because this isn’t a trick question. There’s no correct answer, but a truthful answer will guide you in the right direction.

    Got it?

    Okay then, I’m not going to waste your time.

    If you chose (a), then I’m pretty curious why you’re even here. Maybe you find this entertaining or something. That’s fair.

    If you chose (b) or (c), then you’re either lazy or you’re probably a lot better off than I was. My recommendation? Put yourself out there more. Do some online dating, hang out with friends, and talk to more women. You’re probably not in a particularly tight bind. Put your efforts toward something more important than dating, and the women will come. Pursue a hobby or an interest. If you do that for a year or two and things don’t improve, you’ll likely come back to this quiz and this time you’ll choose a different option.

    Now if you chose (d), and you’ve made it this far, well then you’re one of us. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. But at least you’re among similar company. Here’s the next step for you guys. I want you to make a decision right now.


    I want you to say this outloud:

    “I will sacrifice, work for, and do whatever it takes to fix this problem and be able to enjoy everything that life has to offer… or die trying.”

    Say it outloud. I’m serious. I know it sounds silly. I know it’s kind of embarrassing, even if no one is around. But I’m dead serious. Say it.

    Now say it two more times.

    If you’re at work, or there are people around, then go to the bathroom and say it. Or go outside or to a storage closet.


    Seriously. I know you’re sitting there reading this thinking, “there’s no way in hell i’m doing this stupid thing,” because that’s what *I* would think if I was you. But you’re going to have to trust me on this. And if you can’t trust me, that’s okay, but I can’t help you. So say it outloud or get to a place where you can:

    “I will sacrifice, work for, and do whatever it takes to fix this problem and be able to enjoy everything that life has to offer… or die trying.”




    Good job.


    Those of you who remain are the subset of guys I want to talk to. And I want to start by answering the question that all of you are thinking right now:


    How do you do it?

    How do you acquire the mindsets, skill sets, and abilities to achieve that goal, that dream, that we envisioned in the exercise earlier?

    The simple answer is that you train for it.

    Note that i didn’t say, “you dabble in it” or “you try it out.”

    No, you train for it like you’re in the fucking olympics. Like you’re in the Marines and you’re about to go to war, where you could get your head blown off.

    You train for it like your life depends on it.

    Because it does.

    I worked my ass off for four years doing absolutely everything possible to get good at this. I trained with the best guys out there at the time, went out to the bars non-stop, and talked to literally thousands of women.  I read tens of thousands of pages of theory, psychology, and field reports (most of which were useless, btw). I was die-hard driven, and did everything imaginable to never have to feel that feeling of despair and loneliness again.

    Is this something every guy can do?


    Fuck no.

    That’s why most guys don’t ever fix this.

    And that’s also why I’m not here to help most guys. I’m here to help the small sliver of guys who were just like me. Who wants this more than anything.

    The good news is that if you HAVE that kind of drive, I can give you the tools, skills, and mindsets in a fraction of the time it took me, because I can streamline the learning process and flatten your learning curve. I’ve had guys get good at this in half the time it took me or less. I’ve simply done 90% of the work and experimentation for you. All YOU have to do is follow directions and copy my work.

    Since 2007, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time figuring out how to make the learning curve a lot easier for guys like you, who don’t have time to dedicate literally half of their waking hours to this.

    I realized at one point that the main thing that gets someone good at attracting women is simple consistency and having a steady mentor to guide you along the way. It’s not just approaching a lot of women, but realizing what you’re doing wrong, finding solutions, and applying them in the real world.

    The only problem is that most men aren’t doing it. Most of them are trying to follow the same difficult road that I took, only they lack the willpower to keep going after the countless beat-downs and rejections.

    It was this realization that inspired me to create the first 1-on-1-based mentorship/coaching program in the dating and seduction world.  

    This is the program I would have killed to have back in 2003.  If there were training programs like this back then, it would have massively cut down my learning curve and saved me a ton of time, money and tears.

    I realized that not everyone lives close enough to train with me face-to-face, so I designed this training program to work for almost any student in the world.  I can train you no matter what state, time zone, or country you live in, as long as you have electricity, a stable internet connection, and most of all, desire to get good at this.

    dj fuji

    Here’s How it Works

    We start by getting a full analysis of where you’re currently at in terms of dating, happiness, goals, social life, and lifestyle. Then we figure out what your destination is — where you want to end up, whether that means dating multiple women each week or getting married, or whatever else you want.

    Next, we chart a step-by-step, turn-by-turn roadmap to get you from your starting point to your end goal. Each student’s roadmap is obviously going to look different because each student is different. The customization of each roadmap — and me kicking you in the ass to make sure you follow it– are what make this program so effective.

    Like a personal trainer who’s tasked with making actors look ripped and buff for the movies, we accomplish this by FORCING you to get results.

    What that means is that you’re going to have to bring to the table the one thing I can’t give you:


    The reason I’m writing this and the reason i’m spelling everything out and only take students by application is because this process and this journey are HARD. Make no mistake about it, this will be one of the most difficult things you do in your life.


    People Who Will Be Denied

    • This program is NOT for the weak-willed or the guys who want to dabble in something and eventually give up.
    • This program is NOT for the slacker who’s never accomplished anything in his life and thinks this will be different.
    • This program is NOT for the guy who makes excuses for his shortcomings and is unable to kick himself in the ass and make things happen.

    This program IS for the guy who is willing to do whatever it takes to fix this problem. It’s for the guy who is sick and tired of being lonely and has finally made up his mind to do something about it.

    If you aren’t absolutely sure that that’s you, don’t waste your time reading the rest of this page. This program is not for you. Even if you attempt to apply for coaching, I will weed you out during the interview process.


    Why am I being a dick about this?

    Because our elite coaching staff (who, on AVERAGE, have over a DECADE of experience each) lacks one thing, and that is time. We don’t have time to waste on guys who aren’t serious about this, no matter how much they pay us. We do this job because we love seeing the transformation in our students. And if our students can’t — or won’t — deliver on that, then we might as well give up and go back to work as computer engineers and software developers.

    If, however, you’ve read thus far and you’re convinced that you’re one of the select few who has what it takes to succeed at this, then continue.

    Program Overview

    Our mentorship program is a customized, multi-step process revolving around individual mentorship and coaching, accountability, skill-development, personal growth, and lifestyle modification.

    As we always say, if you want to attract women, you have to BE ATTRACTIVE.

    That means that in most cases, this program will be a transformation for you. We may change and improve things like:

    • Your presence and demeanor
    • Your grooming
    • Your hair
    • Your wardrobe
    • Your physique
    • The inside of your house or apartment
    • Your posture
    • Your body language
    • Your communication skills
    • Your tone, volume, and speech patterns
    • Your sense of humor
    • Your confidence


    We’re going to optimize and improve every area of your life until you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. For the vast majority of you, these changes will have far-reaching implications.

    You will speak better, look better, sound better, smell better, and BE better.

    This is the key to actual success in dating. It’s not about tricks, or sneaky tactics, or “being yourself.”

    It’s about BEING ATTRACTIVE.


    Private, 1-on-1 Video-Conferencing Coaching

    • Several times each month, you will meet over videoconferencing with one of our certified coaches on a one-on-one basis. Think of it like meeting with a world-renowned therapist each week, only this therapist doesn’t just listen to your problems, he FIXES THEM. This is the backbone of the program and what separates it from any other program in the world. These coaching sessions are not merely extended Q&A sessions. If all most guys needed were their questions answered, getting good at this would be a lot easier. These sessions are guided walk-throughs where we sit down and analyze your strengths and weaknesses and the direction you’re headed in. We then alter your path to take you on the most direct route to results.


    • An in-depth analysis of your sticking points, problems, or issues you’re experiencing with women. We have the most experienced coaches in the industry, and we’ve heard it all before and will likely have a solution for you before you’re even finished explaining your situation.


    • Piece-by-piece breakdowns of every approach, interaction and date you have with women.  You’ll go over your challenges, your rejections, the girl who almost went home with you but changed her mind, and the girl who DID go home with you but then nothing happened with. We’ll even analyze audio recordings of you interacting with women to show you where you could be doing better.


    • LIVE DRILLS: Live, HD internet videoconferencing allow us to practice the skills you’ll need to be successful with women. We’ll make sure when there’s a woman in front of you, you’re 100% ready for anything.


    • The complete privacy and confidentiality you need to go over your worst sticking points you don’t feel comfortable posting on a forum or asking friends or family about.  Many problems our students have carried for years were easily solved once they could simply ask an expert with total trusted confidentiality.


    Access to our Comprehensive Library of Training Modules

    • Throughout the years, we’ve been lecturing, teaching, and recording our trainings on various topics related to dating. These valuable members-only recordings (audio and video) get placed into our private “vault” where students can go to learn various concepts like belief system restructuring, approaching during the day, cold reading, teasing, flirting, approaching, and more.


    • Many of these modules also include an extended Q&A section where you can hear the questions from other students who are in very similar situations as you.  Chances are, there’s something that you needed help with but didn’t know how to ask. Many of my students have reported huge successes from this alone.


    24/7 Emergency SMS Support

    • Emegency, 24-hour  SMS support is an unparalleled benefit exclusive to mentorship coaching members. No one else in the world offers this level of support. At any time of the day, night, or in between, you have emergency SMS access to a seasoned coach.


    • In a bar or club and feeling that crippling anxiety before you approach a group of people? I’ve got your back.


    • Cute girl sitting next to you on the plane or at starbucks and you don’t know what to say? I’ll give you an opener.


    • On a date at a girl’s house and the mood is slipping and you have no idea what to do? Just go to the bathroom and text me, and I’ll walk you through it, step-by-step.


    • You’re never solo in our program because you’re only a text message away from professional support and advice. Have the total confidence that you can reach me when you need to.  (This may give you so much confidence that you don’t even need to text me, but I’m still here for you)


    Access to our Elite “Club” of Dedicated, Driven Members


    • One of the most important elements to success in any field is surrounding yourself with successful people. This was one of the secret weapons I used to achieve success as a student when everyone else seemed to be taller, better looking, richer, funnier, or more outgoing. I made it a point to surround myself with people who would force me to get good. We carefully handpick our students in order to foster a similar environment of dedicated, successful people who will in turn influence you to be successful as well.


    • You’ll also hear the successes of men who have been training with me for months and are now enjoying consistent success with women.  This will keep you motivated and inspired as you’ll know you’re only a few months away from success if you push yourself.


    Weekly Accountability Assignments and Homework


    • Each week, you’ll be given assignments and homework to complete which will ensure you’re constantly moving forward in the direction of your goals. Your instructors will check in with you on a regular basis to evaluate your homework, make any course corrections or suggestions, and give you valuable feedback in order to push you forward to the next waypoint in your journey.


    Comprehensive Training Aids and Products


    • If you’re accepted into our program, you will start by receiving all of our training aids, products, books, and materials free as part of your enrollment.


    • This includes our “Congruence Test” Flash Card Training System, Chi Szeto’s Dance Floor Instructional DVD, Our Infield Structure and Checkpoint Cards, and more.


    • As an added bonus, members will receive free copies of all new products along with sneak peeks before anyone else sees them!


    • They’ll also receive special discounted rates on our special bi-annual Las Vegas Boot Camps and additional live training opportunities that come up throughout the year.


    • We even offer discounts on many other products from other companies and discounted admission to almost all dating conference and events.


    The Catch (C’mon, You Knew There’d be One)

    You’re probably a smart guy. You’re probably skeptical of wild claims (or else you’d be buying mystical “get laid tonight” products still). And you’re probably wondering right now,

    “How the hell does Fuji have the time to coach all these people at once with one- on- one calls, audio/video reviews, recordings, and emails?”

    The Catch? I DON’T.

    I can only coach a certain number of people because I only have a certain number of hours in the day. And I can’t just “hire more coaches” because I don’t believe in hiring amateurs who can talk a good game.

    What does that mean for you?

    It means that my coaching program runs on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the available spots are gone, admission closes and I stop taking new students. At that point, people get placed on a waiting list and hope that a spot opens up.

    If I was running one of those “one size fits all” programs where I give you a new video every week and email you a few exercises, I could take a lot more, but since there is so much personal attention in this program, when my pipeline gets filled up, program admissions CLOSE.

    But what if you’re one of the lucky guys who get through the screening, get approved for coaching,  jump on the opportunity, and then find that the program isn’t right for you?


    All This is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed

    I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. You can take advantage of all of the above benefits, and if after a full month, you don’t think this is the best money you’ve ever spent, I’ll give you a full refund. You don’t need to have a good reason, or even a reason at all. I stand by my word here, and even if you leave the program, you can keep all of the products and bonuses as my gift to you just for giving this an honest trial.

    Value Breakdown

    Feature Value
    One-on-One Coaching Sessions $500-2000
    Access to Training Modules Library $500
    Members-Only Products and Training $350
    Emergency SMS/Text Access $500
    Being Able to Sleep With the Women You Want PRICELESS!


    With everything here, it’s not surprising that program admissions close when spots fill up. This is literally the only program of its kind IN THE WORLD. And while tuition fees are damn affordable right now, we grow each year and with that comes rising prices.

    Right now, pricing starts at $247/month.

    And if you start your long term coaching before prices go up, I’ll even keep you at our current (grandfathered) pricing for all of 2014, no matter how much prices go up.

    At this point, I’ve showed you the value of what you’re getting and how it’s far and away the best, most personalized long term training program for meeting women imaginable.  I may not have met you in person but you know where you stand with women and what needs to change.

    So here is where the rubber meets the road.

    You really only have two options you can go with at this point.

    You can either:

    1. Do nothing and see how things work out on their own.
    2. Take the first real step towards success and fill out your application [URL]

    If you’ve only had this problem with women for a couple months, then Choice A might not be a bad option.  Not everyone is actually a good fit for my coaching. If you’ve been getting a lot of girls all your life, have just broken up with your girlfriend, and are having a bad month or two … then I’ll be honest… things will probably work out on their own.

    And to be honest , I’m not interested in working with people who’ve only had problems with women for a couple months.  I work with guys who have had problems with women for DECADES .  Many guys I coach have never had a girlfriend and a few haven’t even kissed a girl. If you ask my competitors, they’ll tell you there is no man more responsible for de-virginizing guys in this industry than me.

    Now you’re going to have to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Is this problem really going to go away on it’s own, or do I need to do something about it?”

    If you asked yourself that question in 2012, what would you have said?

    What about 2010?  2008?

    A problem with your dating life is the same as any health problem or financial problem.  If over three years go by and things are pretty much the same, then sorry man, it’s not going away.

    I know some guys can go decades and still think they’re “just around the corner” of getting a hot girlfriend, despite doing the same thing every year.  If that’s you, then you probably shouldn’t sign up for training. I want to work with men who are realistic about their situation and will listen to every piece of advice I give them.

    However if you’re ready to work with me and put the effort in (i.e., do your homework, be on time for every call, and take full advantage of all the resources I’m offering you), I will make you a superstar with women and your life will never be the same.

    Here’s What You Need to Do


    Click the green button and fill out the short contact form. We will then be in touch via email for next steps. You’ll have to fill out an application and pass a screening interview to get in, as we want only the highest caliber clients in our coaching program. If you think you fit that description, click below and we’ll be in touch.


    I look forward to working with you toward your continuing success.


    DJ Fuji

    P.S. – I’m serious about program admissions closing when we run out of slots. I’ve had to turn down a lot of people. Don’t procrastinate and then come crying to me, asking for an exception.


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